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Here at Hood Performance we are proud to be a part of the competitive truck pulling scene. Over the years we have made many good friends and have had the privilege of building many winning pulling engines. MOARKTPA, whose pulling field is located in Thayer, MO., is a pulling  organization made up of some really great folks. Draggin Wagon Pullers are in Mountain Grove and are also a great bunch. We are looking forward to the next pulling season and hope to post many new video links for you to watch. We also will be posting video links of our racing and show friends and dyno runs as time goes on. 
ALSO Check Out the RoadKill Videos filmed during the PRI (Performance Race Ind.) Show at the bottom of this page.
MOARKTPA Pulling Competition Video posted March 16, 2013
Hood Performance Dyno Run- 541 Dodge Engine owned by David Trent
Cab view video taken at the Mountain Home Truck Pull May 18, 2013. Posted May 21, 2013
One Loose Screw at Mountain Grove, June 2013.
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Doug Coopers Skater Boat 100 mph run past Henderson, AR. on Norfork Lake
RoadKill PRI Show video Day One
RoadKill PRI Show video Day Three
Look for the Hood Performance crew in the background
RoadKill PRI Show video Day Two
Look for the Hood Performance crew in the background
RoadKill 700 HP and 2400 Miles
Crusher Camaro Engine Swap Aftermath
The Drive Back To California
Jacob Brassfield taking first place in the workstock diesel class with Casper pulling the X-Factor Sled. 333.02FT at Thayer, MO. Posted 7 months ago.
Chris Stoops stroker SBC dyno run. May 6, 2014
643HP @ 5600rpm, 676 ft lb torque @ 4500rpm
One Loose Screw @2013 Butler County Fair
Alan Hood's 442 cid dyno run. 504 HP & 527 torque.
Jan Wood's 406 cid SBC dyno run, June 2014.
573 HP & 456 ft lbs torque @ 6500rpm
Jan placed at the Hartville truck pull the following weekend.
Rodney Hamby's big block Ford 460 base, 514cid, 
producing 603HP @5400rpm
and 646ft lbs torque @ 4400rpm. 
Rod Hamby Chrysler 504cid Dyno run. 
501.6HP @ 5300rpm, and 590 ft lbs torque @ 3900rpm
Will Gregory 427.7ci SB Ford
451 HP, 534 ft lb Torque
Loyd Coffia 383 Dyno Run. 510 HP