This Strip Destroying engine build begins with an American Made Brodix Aluminum block that is modified for 55mm Roller Cam Bearings, half filled water jackets for bottom end strength, PLUS the HIP (high pressure casting) process to assure the most block density possible. This ultra tough block is then topped by a set of Brodix DN-9 cylinder heads and compatible Brodix DN-9 intake manifold. Stuffed inside the big block is a Callies rotating assembly made up of a Callies Magnum crank, Callies Ultra Rod I Beam Rods, and RaceTec flat top pistons. This Top quality combination gives you 1,300 HP under the hood, making you a major contender at any drag strip or street race! 

Brodix Tall Deck Aluminum Block

Callies 4.750 " Stroke Magnum Crank

Callies Ultra Rod I Beam 6.700" Rods

Clevite 77 "H" Series Coated Main & Rod Bearings

RaceTec Custom 9 Degree Flat Top Pistons W / per application Total Seal Rings

Comp Cams 55mm Custom Ground 4/7 Swap Cam

Crower Solid Roller Lifter for .903" Lifter Bore Tall Deck W/Hippo

Jesel Belt Drive

Brodix DN-9 Cylinder heads, 100% CNC Ported, 9 degree Valve Angle

T & D Shaft Rocker System 1.8:1

Victory Titanium Intake & Exhaust Valves

PSI Valve Springs w/ Titanium Retainers & 10 degree Locks

Brodix DN-9 Intake Manifold

Dominator Carb

Moroso Top Dragster/Pro Mod type Oil Pan

Moroso Billet Oil Pump

ATI 7.0 Damper

Complete Assembly Balanced

Individually Tested and Dyno Tuned with Dyno Sheet provided

​Billet Timing Pointer

MSD Tall Deck Crank Distributor Crank Trigger

Moroso Vacuum Pump, Pulleys, Lines, and Drive Kit

Eddie Motorsports Billet Oil Fill

OPTIONAL UPGRADES (at higher cost)

Pro Systems 1500 CFM Single Barrel Carb

​1.85:1 Rocker 

Needle Bearing Tip Rocker

Dry Sump

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Includes Carb & Ignition
SV1 or Dominator carburetor standard
632 DN-9