Hood Engines from the Past
Here are some Dyno run videos of Hood built engines from the past AND present. Newer videos are toward the bottom of the page. Enjoy!!!
This first Dyno run video is an Alan Hood Exclusive. Its a 442 cid Olds engine custom built from a diesel block. (This particular block was the last production block used by NASCAR.) Alan custom cut the crankshaft and block and used rocket racing heads and custom camshaft to produce just over 600HP from this tough custom Oldsmobile engine. 
We built a 427 cid Cleve-er engine for our local gearhead friend Jeff. We squeezed around 630HP out of this Windsor block with Cleveland heads.
Stroker SBC built for our friend Chris.
Here's a Big Block Ford Dyno run. Built for our friend Rodney.

This is our friend Will's 427.7cid SBF. 451.1HP and 534 ft lb torque. FAST EFI system.
504 cid Chrysler V-8 pushing 501.6 HP @ 5300rpm, and 590 ft lbs torque @ 3900 rpm.
Check out this 461 cid Pontiac powerplant owned by our friend Roger. It Produced 512 HP. Kaufman Heads. Hydraulic Roller. Notice the long branch cast iron headers. 
Jeremy's 632 BBC made a whopping 1016HP during it's Dyno run.