Here at Hood Performance Racing LLC. we offer
a performance showroom with engines on display along with prepped blocks available and a variety of performance parts on hand both new and used. We are a Comp Cams dealer as well as a Summit Racing dealer. We are also a Strange driveline dealer. Our staff can help custom configure a build for you or offer you one of our package engine choices. 
Alan Hood, resident master machinist, has 25 years experience building performance and competition engines. Truck pull engines are a specialty here at Hood Performance, along with marine, strip, and street engines. 
Our machine shop gives us the ability to clean, blast, Magnaflux, Zyglo, bore, resurface, polish, balance, resize, port, and bench flowtest your block and components, along with dyno testing your engine. We can order any performance parts you might need for your specific build, usually shipped overnight. 
Our build room offers a clean, quiet environment for Alan and Wayne to test fit and final assemble all types of V8 performance engines along with the occasional stock rebuild such as a thirties model flathead six. 
Our "SUPERFLOW" Flow Bench is a fairly recent addition to our shop that allows us to flow test OEM and aftermarket cylinder heads. Pre-porting and post-porting flow figures can help fine tune the porting process on your cylinder heads along with helping determine things like the type of camshaft best suited for your cylinder head along with determining  piston options for your build. You can check out a cylinder head flow data chart on the C.I.D. and Comp. Ratio calculator page of our website. 
Our facility is large enough to handle multiple builds and multiple machining tasks at the same time.
One of the more interesting things to see is an engine Dyno run. Most people think a Dyno run is only to determine the horsepower of an engine. A day on the Dyno allows for breaking in and seating the rings and breaking in the bearings. Fine tuning the timing and adjusting fuel/air mixtures is also a big part of a Dyno run. Once fine tuning is done, the horsepower can be determined. Then we can change timing or carbs to find the best combo for most horsepower. Here David can be seen attaching the final hardware before a Dyno test run is performed in our Dynamometer room. You can see videos of dyno runs on our video gallery page.
 Our shop hours are Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm. Come by and browse our air conditioned showroom and talk with the guys about your project.
HOOD PERFORMANCE RACING LLC. 1608 Sunset Terrace, West Plains, MO 65775
Open 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday
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Hood Performance Racing LLC.
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Alan, Wayne, or David can finish assemble an engine in the build room and then roll it directly into the dyno room to be mounted onto the dyno engine dolly for break-in, final adjustments, and HP and torque calculation dyno runs.