About the Hood Performance Team
We the Hood Performance team are here to help you, the racer... you, the gearhead... you, the boater... you, the lover of horsepower... and you, the person needing engine repair, with all your individual engine rebuild and custom engine build needs. Alan Hood has spent over 35 years in the machine shop arena using his skill and knowledge to create some incredible engine builds. We can handle a stock rebuild for your creampuff or we can build you a monstrous Mercruiser with over 1000HP, and anything in between. Cylinder head rebuilds are a common practice here at Hood Performance, plus we can put your cylinder head on the Flow Bench to verify flow statistics. We have an engine Dyno on site for engine break-in, testing, and checking Horsepower figures after a build if that's what you need.  We can also help with some Motorcycle, diesel, and tractor engine repair needs. We use quality machines like Sunnen, Peterson, and Rottler to achieve quality results. 

Whether you simply need an engine block cleaned and checked, or need a complete build, we can give you quality results. Cylinder bore, Align Hone, cylinder head rebuilds, are just some of the services we offer.
Our engine build room offers a clean environment, separate from the machine shop. We have a SuperFlow Cylinder Head Flow test machine tucked in the corner of our build room that assists us in evaluating intake and exhaust flow numbers. 
Next to our build room is the Engine Dyno Room. We can break in your newly built engine and Dyno test it to evaluate Torque and HorsePower figures. We can then fine tune the adjustments to call out every bit of HorsePower and Torque that your engine has to offer.
We sell quality branded parts in our showroom such as MSD, Red Horse, Renegade, Aeroquip, Fel-Pro, Moroso, Mr Gasket, Clevite, Comp, ARP, Brodix, Dart, and more. We keep a selection of prepped and unprepped engine blocks of various manufacturer ( such as GM, Ford, Dart, etc) and cubic inch displacement for sale in our showroom also. Stop by sometime and check out the Dart Blocks we have waiting to be built. We are here to help you with any of your engine parts needs. 
Quality equipment along with years of experience insure quality results when cutting on an engine block, cylinder heads, clearancing, or balancing a crankshaft. We use quality machinery here at Hood Performance so that your end result is top notch. 
We are located a 1608 Sunset Terrace in West Plains, MO 65775. 

Shop Hours - 8am-5pm, Mon-Fri,
Central Time